Welcome to the new Sushi world

Spicy Tuna roll, Eel Avocado roll, Shrimp Tempura roll...  Those American Sushi rolls are very popular.  Yes, they are very tasty.  Chef Yoshi likes them, too.  However, he wants you to know another Sushi world with his 30 years Sushi Chef experience.

According to the literature-based history, Sushi began in Southeastern Asia, around Thai, Myanmar before AD. That was totally different from the modern Sushi style. It looks like fermented fish with raw rice, and they could not eat the rice part.  The "Pickled fish" came over to Japan via China, and changed to today's Sushi in Tokyo 200 years ago.

Sushi of Tokyo in 1800s

Sushi of Tokyo in 1800s

Sushi is not only Nigiri and Rolls, those varieties differ from region to region, we can even have "Pickle style Sushi" in the countryside. 

Sushi Gakyu introduces you the new Sushi experience.